custom videos/photosets

We produce videos/photosets following your wishes. Here are some infos and steps to follow:



Photoset Custom : usd 150/girl for a 100 pictures set / basic storyline / incl. 1 guy / add usd 150 if explicite sex needed *

Video Custom : usd 300/girl for a 20-25 minutes video / basic storyline / incl. 1 guy/ add usd 150 if explicite sex needed *

*These prices concern our current available models only - see below

"Basic Storyline" means no specific location, required props and/or outfit that we don't owe - see below for more details

The basic prices don't include explicite hardcore, simulated sex/rape is ok...add the corresponding amount if explicite hardcore is needed

These prices are indicative only, depending of the difficulty of your script, but fit 95% of the customs. We will confirm you final price after reviewing your script together with the actress(es), and eventually added required props.


The schedule for a custom video/photoset to be done and delivered is 2 weeks. Sometimes faster, depends on your wishes, if some outfits/locations have to be bought/hired, it might take some more time.


We usually deliver the final product by download only. You will be given by email a private link where to download your order from, either in zip file ( photoset) or in high definition MPEG file ( or any other format if more convenient for you). If you really wish to receive your custom on DVD, it is of course possible but with extra-charges.


The current available models are : Emmanuelle, Lolly, Nadya, Christine, Syrena.

We are also working with most of east-european agencies as if you are interested in any professional girl(s) working in the porn industry here in Europe, let us know, but please only if you want to spend some more serious money in your project:-)


We are open to any fetish as far as it is not illegal ( so no underage or animals, don't even ask)...just tell us, we can probabely do it


This will come in addition of our prices if you request something we just don't have. We won't "extra-charge" for it , of course, so either (in case of a location), we will just ask you to pay the rent. In case, most probably, for outfits, either you mail it to us....or we can order it online is easier...( in this case we will charge you for the outfit and the transport only)


Just let us know if you have a big or special video project in mind, we can certainly help.


Payment will be made upfront by paypal or money transfer.

The prices don't include the copyright. Means your video is for personal use only. We keep the full rights to use it.

9- How To Start

Send us an email at with your script, as detailed as possible and maybe the girl(s) you wish. We will be back to you as soon as possible with a quote.

We will confirm you final price after reviewing your script together with the actress(es).